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Portal 2 Beta Codel




 ) � 9 ... The "UniFi" icon will appear in the menu bar.. Click the "UniFi" icon.. The network password will be displayed on the screen... Enter the password.. If the password is correct, you will see "Connected" in the device listing... The UniFi Controller will have successfully connected to the network... This installation is the first of many.. Results 1 - 10 n Unity Connection software.. On the Unity Dash, click Network Connection.. Select the Wi-Fi icon.. Select your Wi-Fi Network... You will see a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks... Click the network you want to connect... Connect to your Wi-Fi network... When you are prompted for the network password, enter the one you specified when you set up your router... This installation is the first of many.. Results 1 - 10 n TFTP server.. The TFTP server can be set up using a command-line application on a computer on the network or by running a server on an embedded device... Enable the TFTP Server by entering the following on the CLI.. If you want to use a particular external IP address on the local network (the same IP address you used to set up the router) enter a -p IP address argument:.. If you want to make this server available to remote devices on your network, you must first set up and configure a DMZ, which we cover in the next chapter... You can select the TFTP server from the Wi-Fi icon on the Wi-Fi menu or from the Unity Dash, Network Connection screen... You will be prompted for the UniFi account password on the TFTP server.. Type the password into the CLI... This installation is the first of many.. Results 1 - 10 n UniFi Performance Monitor software.. Click on the Wi-Fi icon to display your network's Wi-Fi menu.. Click the UniFi icon.. You will see the Network Statistics.. Click "Log File" on the Wi-Fi menu... You will see a list of logs... Open the log file that matches your computer's date and time, and add any specific data you want to look at (see chapter 12, "Viewing Logs and Reports")... This installation is the first of many.




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Portal 2 Beta Codel

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